Kelty Tent Reviews

kelty tent reviews

Many people like Kelty tents and we think they are good. It is all about Kelty Tent Reviews

I love camping. I want to know what is the best brand for my gear. Kelty has made me curious.

I have spent many nights in tents. I have also spent more than 24 hours comparing tent models. So I can give you an answer of your mind questions.

Kelty tents are good for people who camp a lot. If you have a car and go camping, get a Kelty tent. They are made so they protect you from weather and stuff.

The best Kelty tent is the Kelty Wireless 4. It has 2 doors, 2 vestibules, and a full-coverage rainfly. You can also set it up in less than 5 minutes with Kelty’s Quick Corner Technology.

In my review, I compare tents. If you want something, there is a better option out there.

About Kelty Brand

Kelty has been in the outdoor gear market since 1952. They have not left it. That’s almost 70 years!

Kelty likes to play. They want you to get out of your boring house and go do something else.

Kelty’s tents are easy to set up. They have Quick Corner technology so it is easy to put the poles in. You can do this in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to see stars at night, then you are in the right place. Our tents have windows that can be covered with a mesh. This way, people can see the stars too.

Kelty has a warranty that lasts for life. That means if something is wrong with your tent, they will fix it for free!

Kelty tents are for camping. They are big and they have a lot of room. Some people go on camping trips with their families.

Kelty Tent Reviews in details

Kelty Wireless 4

The Kelty Wireless 4 tent is a lot cheaper than other tents with similar features.

This is a good tent for people who want to camp in their car. It is spacious, livable, and weatherproof.

The name of the tent is “Wireless” because you need to disconnect to reconnect. This stays true given the amount of comfort and space in it.

The Wireless 4 has a lot of floor space, 2 doors and 2 vestibules. This tent is large. It is one of the largest among 4 person tents. For 4 adults, So I recommend that you only fit 3 people in order to make sure they are comfortable.

The 2 doors and vestibules make this tent very livable. People can go in and out of the tent easily.

The tent is good because it keeps people dry. People talked about how they stayed dry in a storm with strong winds and heavy rain. The waterproof rating will make your clothes stay leak-free when it rains.

Wireless incorporated some new ideas into the poles that were not traditionally seen before. Fiberglass poles are usually considered to be not very durable in strong winds. But Kelty really fixed this by having a third pole that spans the top of the tent in addition to the 2 X-shaped poles.

The Wireless 4 is easy to set up. It only takes about 5 minutes, according to professionals reviews.

I like that the carry bag comes with shoulder straps. This makes it easier to carry things.

This shelter is heavy. But it’s not too heavy for car camping.

A tent is a good thing. For a good price, you can get the Wireless 4. Other tents are more expensive and have similar features. I looked at these tents too.

Some people want a more affordable alternative to the Coleman Skydome. They are as roomy as the Coleman Skydome but don’t have any vestibules for storage or full coverage rainfly. Coleman is a very reliable brand, too.

Kelty Tallboy 4

The Kelty Tallboy is tall. You can stand up in it. It has one big door and window on the front. If you are taller than 5’8″, you might not be able to stand up straight. Sloping walls, the thickness of the air mattress/sleeping pad, and other things will make it hard. And with a length of 96 inches, it is better to use this as a tent for 2 or 3 people, rather than 4.

The tent does not have any vestibules. This is the norm for tents in this price range, but The Wireless has 2 vestibules.

The tent is not good in the rain. It has a waterproof rating of 1200mm, which is not very high. The rainfly only covers half of the tent, so it will have water coming in on the other side.

The tent will probably hold up in the wind, but it is not very strong. It can be hard to hold up in the wind because you need to keep your poles in place.

Overall, the Tallboy is a good tent at a good price. But if you want a taller tent, then the Alps Mountaineering Camp Check more tent reviews.

Kelty Backpacking Tents

At Kelty, all their tents are good. They are not the best but they are still high-quality and affordable. We will talk about each tent later on in this article.

Kelty is not the brand for ultralight backpacking gear. All of their 2-person models weigh more than 4 pounds.

Kelty Night Owl 2

Kelty’s Night Owl series is more expensive than Late Start and Grand Mesa. It is for people who want to start backpacking but they also need a lot of space and comfort.

The floor is 90 inches long, which is enough for people who are over 6 feet tall to sleep on a thick pad. And the peak height of 43 inches is also enough for campers to sit up.

Having two doors and two vestibules is a good thing. You won’t have to crawl over each other to get out of the tent, and there will be more space for you to store things.

But there is a problem. It is heavier than the Late Start and Grand Mesa 2P tents. If you are splitting the weight between 2 people, it won’t be a problem.

Similar to Late Start and Grand Mesa, this tent is not good for rain.

Kelty Dirt Motel 2

This is a backpacking tent that is the best of all Kelty’s tents. It competes with other high-end brands like MSR and Big Agnes.

The Dirt Motel is for people who go backpacking in the rain. It is still comfortable.

The Dirt Motel is a tent that won’t leak. One of the reasons for this is because it has a rain fly made of SilNylon, which is one of the most durable waterproof treatments that I’ve mentioned in my article on how to tell if a tent is waterproof.

This tent will last much longer than tents that have a PU coating. This coatings will be damaged by UV rays. None of the competitors come with a SilNylon fly.

This house has doors and vestibules. They are good for 2 people.

The downside of this tent is that the floor is only 84 inches long. That means it isn’t very big. You also have to pay a lot more money for the tent than you would for a Late Start or Grand Mesa.

Kelty Late Start 2 and Grand Mesa 2

The Kelty Late Start 2-person and Grand Mesa 2-person are similar. They are both short trips for good weather.

If you are looking for a tent that is not very heavy, then the Kelty Late Start 2P and Grand Mesa 2 are among the lightest tents in this price range.

But they didn’t achieve their goal of being lightweight with higher quality materials. They did it by not having 2 doors and 2 vestibules.

The Kelty Late Start is 54 inches wide. It can fit 2 people in it, but they will have to be close together.

The tent may seem really long but not all of the length is usable. Kelty’s tent poles are not bent so the end of the pole is at your knee and not on the ground.

The Grand Mesa can make it more difficult because it is tapered.

The two campers would be bumping shoulders against each other. One person could feel claustrophobic.

Both models have some problems. One has a door on the side that is difficult to get in and out of, and one has only one vestibule which can be hard to use.

The door is on the bottom of the Grand Mesa 2 rather than on one side. This is better because if you and your partner both need to use the door, you will not disturb each other. A lot of 2P models come with two doors and two vestibules in this price range, but they do not all have a door at the bottom.

It’s not a good idea to take either the Late Start or Grand Mesa if you are going to be camping. Many people have said that their tents could get wet and damp.

The 1800mm rating on the floor and rainfly suggests that it is waterproof. But 2 factors make it less waterproof:

It is difficult to make the fly tight. The water will pool up on the fly instead of running down. This makes the tent more likely to leak.

Second, the tent will get wet and be damp on the inside if there is not enough air. The rainfly does not have vents so it is hard to move air around when you close it. This can cause problems.

The Kelty Late Start and Grand Mesa are pretty average for models in this price range. But there is no other tent that is better across the board. You will have to make some tradeoffs.

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