What To Take Camping – Essential & Fun Things To Take Camping

What to take campingWondering what to take camping? Making sure you have everything you need is a very important part of the camping trip. While some things to take camping are more important than others, forgetting anything can be a pain and stress you out. Forget to bring games for the kids and you will have to expend extra energy to help them find something to do. Forget one of the camping essentials, however, and you’ll have a much harder time “improvising.”

What To Take Camping To Ensure You Can Survive

For starters, you should always have a written list of things to take camping. That way you know exactly what you want to bring, and you can check it off as you pack it to be sure you don’t forget anything important. If you’re tent camping, be sure to check my tent camping checklist.

The most important things to take camping are those that you need to survive out in the woods. This list includes camping sleeping bags, sleeping pads, food, water, campfire cooking equipment, and a tent. If it’s cold outside (day or night), you’ll also need a way to build a fire. Bringing a chainsaw and an axe (assuming you know how to use them) can be a lifesaver. Forget any of these essential things to take camping and you’ll have to make an extra trip to the nearest town (or home which could be much farther away)

What To Take Camping To Have The Most Fun

After you’re sure that you have the most essential things to take camping, it’s time to move on to items that will make your camping trip more fun. Depending on what you like to do while camping this can be any number of things.

If you like to get exercise while you spend time outdoors, then bringing a football or frisbee can make a world of difference. If you enjoy hanging out and taking it a little slower, horseshoes or bocce ball might fit perfectly into your trip. If you just want to relax and sit down while you’re out in the woods, a deck of cards may be one of the best things to take camping.

What to take camping to have as much fun as possible really depends on you and your hobbies. Be sure to check these fun camping activities for adults for more ideas.

What To Take Camping If You’re Bringing Kids

Taking your whole family camping can be a real joy and lots of fun as long as you’re prepared. If you just go camping with kids willy-nilly and hope they’ll find something to do, you may be in store for a really tiring weekend depending on how old they are.

Bringing real little kids camping is usually going to be more work than bringing older kids along on your camping trip. What to take camping really depends on their age and what they like to do. Planning a treasure hunt can be a great activity for older kids, while just bringing a shovel and a bucket can provide hours of fun for 1-3 year old kids.

Put Some Heavy Thought Into What To Take Camping

Remember, you’re going to be away from home for a few days, so don’t just leave the house and hope that you have everything you need. When you’re thinking about what to take camping, take your time and use a pen and paper to make sure you remember everything you thought of. Your kids, family, and friends will thank you!

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