Outdoor Blanket – Best Camping Blankets For Those Cold Nights

Camping up in the woods usually means you’re going to be in for some cold nights. Whether you’re sitting around the fire and need some extra warmth or trying to get to sleep, a good camping blanket can make a world of difference. Getting an outdoor blanket is a great idea since they’re made tougher than your usual in-home blankets.

Best Outdoor Blanket For Camping

Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket

Best outdoor blanketThis outdoor blanket is US made and military quality. It’s big enough to cover your whole body at 82″ long and 62″ wide, and tough enough to last a life time. It comes in woodland camouflage so be sure not to leave it out, you may never find it again!

Many customers report having their “woobie” for many years, still using it to this day. If you’re looking for a camping blanket that is as tough as you are on it, this should do the trick.

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Complaints: No complaints about this product, it is a soft blanket that you can cuddle up with, but also super tough and tear resistant to last a lifetime. Click here to read other customer reviews about this Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Outdoor Blanket.

Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag

Fleece camping blanketThis nifty little camping blanket is sure to keep you comfy and warm when you’re out camping. It is more of a cocoon than a blanket, it has a built-in pillow that you can use too. Depending on your setup this may not be practical for you since it’s sewed up so you can slide into it. May work great as a sleeping bag liner though.

This is one of the outdoor blankets that works just as good when you’re inside on the couch and just need some extra warmth, so it can serve a dual-purpose. Also comes with a travel bag to tote it around in.

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Complaints: The blanket material is a little thinner than it may seem from the picture, and it generates a lot of static, so be prepared!

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

coolmax travel blanketThe Cocoon CoolMax camping blanket is ultra lightweight and very compact with it’s own little travel bag. It is made to be warm, breathe well, and wick moisture away effectively plus it feels great on your skin. The compact size and relative warmth makes this a great outdoor blanket when you’re sitting by the fire or just need a little more warmth any time.

Measures 70″ long x 55″ wide.

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Complaints: Because this outdoor blanket is made to be lightweight and compact, the material is pretty thin, making it more of a cover up than a blanket. If it’s real chilly you may need something more, but if you just need an extra layer this will work great.

Tuffo Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket with Carrying Case

Tuffo camping blanketThis innovative water-resistant outdoor blanket is great for camping or any other outdoor activity. It is light weight and compact so it’s easy to haul around wherever you go. It’s top is made of 100% cotton for that comfy feel and it’s lined with water-resistant nylon that’s tough enough to take anywhere.

It measures 84″ long by 54″ wide so it’s big enough to use for anything you’d need an outdoor blanket for – whether it’s to stay warm or have a picnic.

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Complaints: These blankets end up losing their water resistance after about 3 years. In the meantime they work great for putting on wet grass. Other complaints are that this outdoor blanket is so light it can blow away if there’s a wind, and it’s a bit slippery.

Woodland Camouflage Polar Fleece Blanket

Camo fleece outdoor blanketIf you’re looking for a camping blanket that will keep the cold out, this Polar Fleece outdoor blanket does a great job. It is a fleece material (so keep it away from fires) but unlike some others it is very thick and very warm, great for those super-cold nights. Plus it’s BIG at 80″ by 60″ so you have plenty of blanket to hide under.

This outdoor blanket comes poly-bagged and is great for use anywhere you need a thick extra layer. Plus it’s camo – so it will fit any camping theme.

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Complaints: This is a 5-star blanket with no complaints. Every buyer has been very happy with their purchase.

Outdoor Blanket Buying Tips

It’s important to figure out what you’ll need a camping blanket for before you go out and buy one. If you’ll be camping deep in the woods where it gets very cold at night, the Woodland Polar Fleece Outdoor Blanket is a great choice. If you just need a thin extra layer and don’t have much room, the CoolMax Blanket is a great option.

If you want quality that will last a life time, my pick is the US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket. It will keep you warm and is tough so you won’t end up buying new camping blankets every year, no matter how much you go.

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