Family Camping – The Key To Fun Family Tent Camping

Family camping is quite a bit different than going with just a couple adults, so it’s important to learn the difference and be prepared. You’ll be responsible for more people and those people (usually the little ones) are not responsible themselves, which means you need to pay extra attention. If you don’t own an RV and decide to go family tent camping, then that throws another wrench in things that you’ll need to think about.

A Family Camping Checklist is Essential

First off, you need to make sure you have everything you’ll need while you’re away. Bring lots of food, clothing, blankets, and it’s a good idea to plan out some camping activities for kids. Using a family camping checklist is the best way to make sure you don’t forget any vital items at home. Plus it reduces stress while packing for the camp trip.

Family Tent Camping Requires a Big Tent

If you’re serious about family tent camping don’t be afraid to invest a few bucks into a high quality, big family tent. There’s all sorts available now, you can even get family tents that have separators to divide up the tent into different rooms. Do your due diligence when picking a tent and don’t just go for the cheapest one, usually those are priced lower for a reason. A tent is one of those camping essentials that should be a serious purchase.

The last thing you want is a tent that starts to show signs of wear early and that you’ll have to replace, which ends up being more expensive than just getting a good one in the first place. Be wary of tent sizes too, usually a 6-person tent will only fit 3-4 comfortably. When you’re family tent camping it’s hard to have a tent that’s too big.

Enjoy Your Kids While Family Camping

Family camping usually means you’re camping with kids so be sure to get them involved and help them have a lot of fun (which is usually pretty easy outdoors). There’s a lot for kids to learn while camping, so be willing to explain everything you’re doing and teach your kids how to do it too.

This is not only good for the kids, but as they learn more they’ll become very helpful around the campsite and will make your job easier. Every family camping trip you go on they will learn more and be able to help out more. Plus they will be learning responsibility and taking ownership of the camping trip which will help them enjoy it more.

Pre-Cook Or Plan Your Meals In Advance

When you’re camping with the whole family, you’re going to have a lot of things to do. The last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is “What should we eat tonight?” Planning all your meals before you leave home is essential to keep your stress level low and help you relax while family camping.

This doesn’t mean you need to eat extravangant meals, but it does mean you need to have a plan. Go over all your camping meal ideas and pick a few that will work for the camping trip you’re going on. If you are headed to a place that doesn’t allow campfires, then don’t plan to roast hot dogs over the fire one night.

Remember…kids eat a LOT, especially when they’ve been running through the woods all day, so be sure to take that into account when you’re thinking through your meals and how much to bring.

Family Camping Is Worth The Work

Yes, family camping is more work than letting the grandparents take the kids for the weekend while you and your spouse go out camping alone or with friends. But in my opinion it’s well worth the work. As long as you do it right, your family will grow closer together and you will be building great memories with each other.

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