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Popular Camp Games – These Camping Games Will Give You Hours Of Fun

Camping gamesGoing camping is a great way to relax for a few days away from your hurried life. But there’s much more to camping than just sitting around all weekend. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do outdoors is play some fun camping games with your friends and family. The popular camp games below will give you ideas for hours and hours of fun.

3 Popular Camping Games

Each of these camping games are picked out to be fun for multiple people and range from highly active to no activity. Pick a few that match everyone’s mood and you’ll be good to go.

1 Match, 1 Fire

In this camping game, the players will attempt to start a fire using only 1 match. Try to make this mimic a survival situation as close as possible. Note that fire can be dangerous, so if younger kids are playing make sure they know and respect fire.

Send each player out into the woods to find wood, twigs, tinder, and anything they think will help them start the fire. Once everyone has their firestarter, give each player a match and let them set up their tinder anyway they choose to help them win.

If no one can do it, give out another round of matches until someone gets their fire lit. If there’s not enough dry tinder in the area, give each player a piece of newspaper and a set number of small sticks or kindling. The first player to get a fire lit that stays going wins.

Capture the Flag

This camp game is a highly active one that will wear you and the whole crew out. You’ll need a good amount of people for this game, at least 6 I would say. You’ll also need a large area to play this in, the more people you  have the bigger it should be.

Start by Dividing into 2 teams and some how differentiating yourself with armbands, flags (think flag football), etc. Setup 2 “jails” on opposite sides of the playing area. The point of the game is to capture the other team’s flag, of course.

Teams will be able to defend their flag anyway they want. If a defender takes an armband or a flag of the opposing team member, that player goes to jail. They sit in jail until a member of their team comes and rescues them. Then they are given a free escort to the middle of the area to continue playing.

Game play continues until a flag is captured or you run out of time. To make it more interesting you can go best 2 out of 3, or include more teams, each with their own flag and jail area.


This is an indoor camping game that can be great to play when it’s raining outside or if you’ve just had enough sun (it can happen!). This game is best played with 4 or more people.

Have one person (the psychiatrist) leave the room. The remaining “patients” then decide on a rule to follow when the psychiatrist comes back. Things like:

  • answer all questions with a five word phrase
  • Begin all answers with a certain phrase (“I think…”)
  • Answer questions with your legs crossed
  • Use your imagination!

Try to think of rules that won’t be impossible to guess, but aren’t too obvious either.

When the psychiatrist comes back in, he/she starts asking questions to the patients. The psychiatrist has 3 guesses to figure out what the rule is. If he/she gets it, play again with someone else being the psychiatrist.

Be Creative!

These camping games are much more fun as long as everyone is free to be creative and be themselves. Think of other ways to alternate these games a little bit to make them more fun. Remember, the whole point of camp games are to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better, so don’t let competition become the most important thing.

Camping Activities For Kids – 3 Fun Camping Games For Kids

Camping activities for kidsEvery camping trip requires a good amount of preparation. In order to have the most fun while camping, you need to spend a few minutes before you leave home to plan things, especially if you have kids. Having a list of different camping activities for kids can really help pass the time and build memories with your children. Try out some of these camping games for kids and see how you’re little ones like them.

3 Fun Camping Activities For Kids


Kids love to move and act things out, so charades is a natural favorite. Tell one of the children an animal, and see if they can act it out to the others. Start out with no noises, then if they can’t guess you can throw them in to make it more interesting. Bringing a book of animals along and doing this camping game can be a great way to teach smaller kids about different animals and what they look & act like.

Scavenger Hunt

Doing a treasure hunt is one of the most memorable camping activities for kids. Before you leave home, make a list of items that are found where you’ll be camping. You can give your kids a list and have them check off things as they find them, or you can give them each a bag and have them collect the items. The items you put on the list will depend on which variation you go with.

If you want you kids to collect the items, choose smaller things like pinecones, witches hair, a smooth rock, clover leaf, berries (warn you kids not to eat them!), seeds, or wild flowers. If you’re just doing a checklist you can include big things like a dead tree, a creek, boulder, birds nest, or even animals.

Scavenger hunts are one of those camping games for kids that will require some work ahead of time from you, but will be loads of fun for the kids. Click here for a great list of items to add to the hunt.


Crafting is a great camping activity for kids since you don’t have to worry about the mess. There are lots of different craft ideas that you can do while camping in the woods. Bring some glue along and tell the kids to create animals out of different objects they find – small rocks, bark, moss, dirt, twigs, etc.

If your kids like drawing, painting, or molding with clay this is a great time for them to exercise their creativity. Have them draw different things they see around the campsite. Or have them paint the whole campsite including the tent, campfire, and the people. If it’s real messy you can put them on the ground so you don’t have to worry about spills or other mishaps.

Good Camping Activities For Kids Will Help Everyone Have More Fun

Preparing some good camping activities for kids before you head out is a great way to help everyone have more fun. You’ll be able to relax while your children are busy running around expending all their pent up energy. Giving your kids camping games to play will wear them out and help them (and you) sleep great when the night rolls around. If you need something to do while the kids are playing, here’s some fun camping activities for adults.

Fun Camping Activities For Adults – Huge List Of Games

Fun camping activities for adultsIf you’re looking for fun camping activities for adults that aren’t the usual things like hiking or swimming, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of games and other camping activities that you can do to pass the time and build memories with friends. If you’re going family camping some of the games below will work but you’ll also need to find some camping activities for kids.

Competitive Outdoor Games Will Keep You Active

These types of activities are great if you have a group of adults with a competitive spirit. Some of the best outdoor competitive camping activities are [easyazon_link identifier=”B00007KDV0″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Horseshoes[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link identifier=”B001ZEV5EA” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Bocce Ball[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link identifier=”B008UJ7INU” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Ladder Ball[/easyazon_link] (goes by many other names, including ladder golf, dingle balls, and a ton of other names), Volleyball or Badminton (if you have a [easyazon_link identifier=”B0002T4848″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]net[/easyazon_link]), Ultimate Frisbee, or Capture the flag.

If you’re looking for some great exercise go with Capture the flag or Ultimate Frisbee, these are sure to wear you out. On the other hand, games like Bocce Ball and Horseshoes are more relaxing games that you can talk and hang out while playing them.

Board Games or Boxed Games Are Fun Camping Activities

Even though you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite board game or boxed game. Unless you have a really big tent or an RV I’d stay away from games with paper money (like Monopoly) or other paper items that can blow away if the wind picks up. Some of the best board or boxed games to bring are:

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B0028IWDH0″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Cranium[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”1223063151″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Scrabble[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B000BNLVA4″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Chess[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00000IZJB” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Rummikub[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”1605843601″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Risk[/easyazon_link] (if you have enough time)
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B004W8P5A6″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Farkle[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B000FLX8N0″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Yahtzee[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B004KCGC9C” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Pass the Pigs[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00112CHCK” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Apples To Apples[/easyazon_link] (watch for wind!)
These types of camping activities for adults are great if you want to relax and hang out with friends, while using your mind more than your body. Just be careful if it may rain or storm, you don’t want your game to get ruined!

Geocaching – A New & Fun Camping Activity

Geocaching is a new activity that is gaining popularity. It’s basically a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. So yes, you do need a GPS to do this one.

While geocaching can be done with kids, it’s one of those camping activities for adults that may go a little smoother without them (unless they are teens and can actively participate). Depending on where you’re planning to go camping, this activity may or may not be available for you to participate in. Check the geocaching website to find locations near you.

Traditional Card Games Are Other Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t play cards! As mentioned before, the only opponent you’ll have is the wind, so try to pick a non-windy day to play on. It’s also a great idea to get some [easyazon_link identifier=”B000J3Z7TC” locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]waterproof playing cards[/easyazon_link] just in case it rains or you spill a drink on your playing cards.

Here’s a list of popular and fun card games to play while camping:

  • Texas Hold ’em (or other Poker games)
  • Hand and Foot
  • Bridge
  • Rummy
  • Hearts
  • Crazy Eights
  • Cribbage (requires [easyazon_link identifier=”B000UV57G6″ locale=”US” tag=”campingeasyazon-20″]Cribbage Board[/easyazon_link])
  • 500
  • War
  • Spoons
  • Go Fish
  • many more!

Card games are a great way to pass the time and have fun with friends, just beware that time will fly! If there’s a game above that you haven’t heard of before, learn it and bring the rules next camping trip for a new experience.

The Best Camping Activities For Adults Are Fun

Remember, the whole point of camping with your friends is to have fun. If you start a game of poker and it gets boring before it’s “officially over,” you can quit! Don’t stick to a game just because you started it, if it’s not amusing anymore there’s no reason you have to keep going just for the sake of finishing the game. Move on to something else that’s more fun.