Camping With Kids – 7 Kids Camping Tips To Maximize Your Fun

Camping With KidsIn our day and age of hustling around and staying more than 100% busy, camping with your kids is a great way to relax for awhile and get out of the hurried life for a few days. Spending time with your kids is not just good for them, it’s also a lot of fun if you prepare things right. Here’s 7 tips for camping with kids that will help you have the most fun with the least amount of stress.

Camping With Kids Tip #1 – Get The Kids Involved

If you tell your kids that you’re going camping and they’re just “along for the ride” they’ll be much less excited to go than if you let them get involved in the whole experience. Their level of involvement will vary depending on age, but even a 4 year old can help pack the truck.

As your kids get older, let them have more control in the process. You can make them responsible for packing themselves, picking activities for the family to do, choosing the location to go on, etc. Delegate more responsibility as they get older and they will take ownership of the camping experience and enjoy it much more.

Tip #2 – Pack a Lot of Clothes

If you’ve ever been around kids and dirt and water before, you already know that camping with kids can get pretty messy, especially if it rains. Kids aren’t as careful about keeping their clothes nice and clean like we are, so pack a lot of clothes so they can get changed into something dry and clean if they have a little too much fun in the woods.

Kids Camping Tip #3 – Use a Checklist to Pack

Trying to get your kids organized and ready to go camping can be a stressful task that causes you to forget key items for your trip. You can bypass this potential problem by using a camping checklist to make sure you’ve got all the camping essentials and everything else you wanted to bring. Check the items off the list as you pack them and you’ll be sure to remember everything you need to make your trip a success.

Camping Tip #4 – Setup a Test Run

If this is your first time taking your kids camping, then it may be a good idea to “test run” your kids and their equipment for a night in the backyard. Depending on their age you can teach your kids to setup their own tent, get it ready to sleep in, then spend the night outdoors. This is also a good chance to make sure your camping checklist is updated with everything you need.

Camping With Kids Tip #5 – Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Going on a camp trip with your kids is a great opportunity to teach them responsibility. Show them how to keep the campsite clean and work together to establish a set of rules they can take ownership of.  If you give each child a set of duties they are responsible for, they will be proud of helping keep the campsite clean and organized.  Remember to lead by example!

Camping Tip #6 – Make Safety a Top Priority

A camping trip in the woods is much different than sitting around inside your home in the city. There are threats that just don’t exist in town. Be sure to make safety a priority to your kids. Explain the possible dangers of the place you’re going and what to do in different situations. A couple different sources of danger are the campfire, poisonous plants, sharp trees & branches, animals, bugs, and getting lost.

Best Camping With Kids Tip #7 – Have Fun!

The most important part of a camping trip with your kids is for everyone to have a lot of fun and enjoy each other. If you’re stressed out the whole time, you’re going to suck the fun out of the trip and no one will ever want to go camping again. Focus more on the fellowship with your kids and building that bond than anything else and it will be a camping trip well worth it.

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