Camping Activities For Kids – 3 Fun Camping Games For Kids

Camping activities for kidsEvery camping trip requires a good amount of preparation. In order to have the most fun while camping, you need to spend a few minutes before you leave home to plan things, especially if you have kids. Having a list of different camping activities for kids can really help pass the time and build memories with your children. Try out some of these camping games for kids and see how you’re little ones like them.

3 Fun Camping Activities For Kids


Kids love to move and act things out, so charades is a natural favorite. Tell one of the children an animal, and see if they can act it out to the others. Start out with no noises, then if they can’t guess you can throw them in to make it more interesting. Bringing a book of animals along and doing this camping game can be a great way to teach smaller kids about different animals and what they look & act like.

Scavenger Hunt

Doing a treasure hunt is one of the most memorable camping activities for kids. Before you leave home, make a list of items that are found where you’ll be camping. You can give your kids a list and have them check off things as they find them, or you can give them each a bag and have them collect the items. The items you put on the list will depend on which variation you go with.

If you want you kids to collect the items, choose smaller things like pinecones, witches hair, a smooth rock, clover leaf, berries (warn you kids not to eat them!), seeds, or wild flowers. If you’re just doing a checklist you can include big things like a dead tree, a creek, boulder, birds nest, or even animals.

Scavenger hunts are one of those camping games for kids that will require some work ahead of time from you, but will be loads of fun for the kids. Click here for a great list of items to add to the hunt.


Crafting is a great camping activity for kids since you don’t have to worry about the mess. There are lots of different craft ideas that you can do while camping in the woods. Bring some glue along and tell the kids to create animals out of different objects they find – small rocks, bark, moss, dirt, twigs, etc.

If your kids like drawing, painting, or molding with clay this is a great time for them to exercise their creativity. Have them draw different things they see around the campsite. Or have them paint the whole campsite including the tent, campfire, and the people. If it’s real messy you can put them on the ground so you don’t have to worry about spills or other mishaps.

Good Camping Activities For Kids Will Help Everyone Have More Fun

Preparing some good camping activities for kids before you head out is a great way to help everyone have more fun. You’ll be able to relax while your children are busy running around expending all their pent up energy. Giving your kids camping games to play will wear them out and help them (and you) sleep great when the night rolls around. If you need something to do while the kids are playing, here’s some fun camping activities for adults.

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