The Most Extensive Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner Stove Review

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Camp Stove Review

Reliable and powerful, the Camp Chef Everest 2 burner/high pressure stove is a sturdy and high-quality camp stove. More expensive than its competitors, the stove makes up for the higher price with its sheer power, quality, and reliability. Its amply-spaced burners allow two 12” pans to be placed side-by-side and its three-sided wind barriers allow cooking in windy conditions as well.

Best Uses

The Camp Chef Everest 2 burner/high-pressure camp stove is recommended for camping and outdoor picnics, hunting and fishing, scouting, cabin and RVing, as well as emergency preparedness. Due to its considerable weight, it is not recommended for hiking.

Since it has a powerful BTU output, it is best suited for cooking for large groups or families. You can easily boil water within 2-5 minutes, make coffee, and cook bacon and eggs, pasta, or rice.

Fuel type

The stove is compatible with propane only. A regulator adaptor for a 1 lb. propane cylinder is included. However, having a larger propane tank is almost required because the stove uses up fuel faster than some lower BTU stoves. The time taken to burn through a fuel tank depends on the number of people for whom meals are cooked. On average, making 2 big meals requires around 1- 1.5 cans of propane per day. High heat is usually not required due to the power of the stove’s burners; medium to low heat is usually plenty.

The placement of the hanging propane canister design is somewhat clunky, it rattles when carried in a vehicle and makes it so the camp stove needs to be placed at the edge of the surface on which it is kept to keep the canister clear of the flames.

Number of burners

Camp Chef Everest Burner CloseupThe Camp Chef Everest camp stove has 2 burners that are set 11 ¾’’ apart, center to center. This allows larger-sized pots and pans to be placed on them. The high-pressure burners have 20,000 BTUs each, thus the heat generated is intense and makes for quick cooking.

Its ignition system is flawless, however the push design of the Piezo igniter makes it difficult to switch on the stove without holding it from behind to prevent it from sliding backwards. When the stove is hot (and the stove gets very hot!), it is difficult to do this.

Also, the controls are difficult to manipulate when low, simmering temperatures are required because the knobs have a tendency to snap back to their original position.

Since the stove gets very hot when in use, it should not be placed on a plastic table. Legs can be attached to get it up off the surface and protect a table from the heat.

The wind barriers are held by flimsy tabs that tend to get misaligned during shipping and do not bend at an exact perpendicular angle. However, it is useful when cooking in windy or cold conditions.

Brand & Reputation

Camp Chef is a relatively new brand established in 1990 as compared to some of its competitors. Many customers had not heard of it until they found their products and their great reviews on Amazon. Many customers agree that Camp Chef products are of better quality than its competing brands and were willing to switch loyalties to this brand.

The Camp Chef stove garnered 127 positive reviews and 20 critical reviews on Amazon—93 of these were 5-star reviews, 34 were 4-star reviews, and 10 were 3-star reviews.

If you buy one and end up wanting to return it to Amazon you’ll have to pay the shipping, which is around $13. Some customers were content to fix the non-critical shipping damages themselves, rather than bear the cost of getting a replacement. If there’s a real problem with it though, Amazon is very good about returning items free of charge.

Camp Chef Everest Piezo IgniterFeatures & Specifications

  • Size: 13.5” L X 23.5” W X 4” H
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Heat output: 40,000 BTU/hr
  • Fuel type: Propane
  • Burners: 2
  • Price range: $80 – $125
  • Warranty: 1 year

Consumer Reviews

Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove Reviews

The Camp Chef Everest camp stove has found a lot of happy customers, many of whom have compared it to similar Coleman stoves.

Most customers were happy with the intense heat produced that cooked food and boiled water very quickly. The fact that it is easy to set up and take apart made it very useful for customers who went camping in bear area.


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Pros & Cons


  • 20,000 BTU per burner, 40k BTU total
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Takes just 2 minutes to set up
  • Self-igniter works well
  • Burners are wider apart, 11 ¾’’ center to center
  • Can make coffee and boil water quickly
  • Can cook pancakes, rice, pasta, bacon and eggs, and chili
  • Works in windy conditions and at lower temperatures
  • Carry bag available that is custom-made for the stove.


  • Some shipped pieces were found with loose screws, folds out of alignment, latch not locking, and paint finish with bubbles
  • Heavier than other similar stoves
  • Difficult to adjust knobs to low heat settings
  • Slides backward when igniter is pushed (rubber feet recommended)
  • Made of thin sheet metal so is easily dented.
  • Small, green canisters get frosted easily (consumers recommend buying bulk tank adapter and larger tanks)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an attachment for the hose of a 20 lb. bottle of propane? An optional hose and refillable cylinder can be purchased for use with the stove. Instructions for setting up the stove with them can be found here. To hook up this camp stove to a 20 lb propane tank.

Can the stove be connected to an RV? Since the product is a high-pressure stove, it is not suited for a low-pressure RV system.

Which griddle is best suited for the stove? The best griddle for the stove that can handle the high BTU output is the Universal Fry Griddle (FG20).

Can the stove be run using butane? The stove is compatible only with propane.

How well does the stove work at lower temperatures? The extra heat and power of this stove makes it useful for those times when the temperature drops.

Where can I find spare parts for the stove? Spare parts for the stove are available directly at Camp Chef. They are not available on eBay or Amazon. However, if you’re looking for a carry case there is one made for this stove that can be found here.

Read More FAQ’s About The Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove here.


As of May 2015, the manufacturer’s website priced the product at $121. As per customer reviews, the stove costs more than similar products manufactured by other companies but its higher cost is justified by its better quality.

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On the whole, the Camp Chef Everest camp stove with 2 burners is considered more expensive than its counterparts. However, its higher price is justified by its better quality and intense heat output. This stove may not be very handy when hiking due to its weight, but is good for a family camping trip. Food for a big group can be quickly and easily cooked using this stove.

Some customers have had issues with damaged products being shipped and dents appear to be common due to its thin metal sheet build. However, it seems studier than stoves made by other manufacturers and Amazon makes up for it with their great customer service.


Features Summary Review:

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Camp Stove Features


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